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Digital Certificate In Your MyKad

MyKey is the MSC Trustgate.com Sdn. Bhd.'s Digital Certificate which is loaded into MyKad. It is governed by Malaysia’s Digital Signature Act 1997 and is accepted by the courts of law in Malaysia. It is a class 2's certificate and has 1024-bit key length.

A document digitally signed with MyKey is treated as a legal binding document as it is with a handwritten signature.
Benefits of MyKey:

   Proven technology that has been deployed in 4500 corporations and government organizations, as well as 366,000 e-commerce websites worldwide
   Highest protection for your data and transaction online
   Accurate, secure and legally recognized
   Reliance limit for fraud protection coverage of up to RM25,000*
Minimum Requirement to Enroll MyKey:

   Latest MyKad.cab. Currently its version is as
   64K chips MyKad
   80K chips MyKad version 2 (PKI compliant) now accepted
   Setting Internet Explore 32 bits version 6.0 (and atmost Internet Explore 32 bits ver 8.0)
   Others browser were not accepted or tested
   Windows XP 32 bits (and atmost Windows 7 32 bits)
   64 bits version not tested yet
   PCSC compliant smart card reader and driver is installed
   Internet Connected with Network Configured
   Several Domain Named were defined.
   Valid Prepaid Voucher Code
   MyKey Enrollment Page
   MyKey Pilot Enrollment Page
   Trustgate Corporate Website
   MyKad PKI Guideline
   Subscriber Agreement
   JPJ QB System
   MyKad CSP for XP and above
   MyKad CSP for earlier than XP
   MSC Trustgate MyKey Client Kit v1.05
   MSC Trustgate MyKey Client Kit v1.04
   MSC Trustgate MyKey Signing Tool
   Secure e-Filing
   Secure e-mail
  Tel:  (603)8318 1800
  Fax:  (603)8319 1800
  Address:  MSC Trustgate.com Sdn Bhd
Suite 2-9, Block 4801
CBD Perdana, Jalan Perdana
63000 Cyberjaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
  E-mail:  mykey@msctrustgate.com
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